Freelance Graphic Designer & Website Developer, Subtly charming social media enthusiast. Apple obsessed. Music practitioner. Avid vampire fanatic. Seriesaholic. Wine scholar. Prone to fits of apathy. Passionate F1 follower and Lover of speed…
Jacquie Littleton

Circa 1977, she has been into all things beautiful, inspiring, trendy and a little bit of rock in the mix.

As a freelance / self-employed design professional, she works independently of a company and furthermore has no employees. She is passionate about creating remarkable designs, regardless the size of the project.

On a personal note, she has 3 incredible not-so-little-children, and the most amazing husband. Living on the profoundly beautiful Dolphin Coast inspires her and her work, often series like “The Flash” or “The Big Bang Theory” or music ranging from “Josh Groban” to “Bring Me The Horizon” are her soundtrack.

Check out her work and feel free to contact her at any time!